Provide the electric door opening scheme for the economical mini-car of the stall.
Publish:Shenzhen Jimei Huatai Technology Co., Ltd.    Time:2020-06-04
With the improvement of the domestic epidemic prevention situation, freight transport in many cities across the country has gradually resumed. According to big data, a report by Shila platform that month, its business volume has returned to more than 90 per cent of what it was before the outbreak. South China‘s Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and other freight demand recovery momentum is the strongest, close to or more than 100%.

In June, the state issued a policy to promote the development of small and micro economy, while the "stall economy" is at the end of the market chain, stimulating the development of the micro-car industry.

Now the major automakers have launched a minivan specifically for the small and micro economy, with electric double doors installed on the side. Currently, JIMI-TECH has launched a miniature electric actuator for minivans.

Functional parameters: 2000N, low noise, anti-impact, self-braking, anti-clamping, low voltage DC, protection grade IP66
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