Advantages of JIMI electric linear actuators
Publish:Shenzhen Jimei Huatai Technology Co., Ltd.    Time:2020-03-13

Advantages of JIMI electric actuators

Linear motion is mainly divided into: electric linear motion, hydraulic linear motion, and pneumatic linear motion.

1. JIMI electric actuator integrates multiple functions into one, and its performance is far superior to traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
2. The compact design and convenient installation eliminate the shortcomings such as pumps and hoses in the application.
3. Great value for money, efficient use, and near-zero maintenance are all your biggest cost savings.
4, our positioning feedback is accurate, JIMI electric actuator and control system docking is in place.
5. JIMI electric actuators have low energy consumption and there is no risk of harmful hydraulic oil leakage, which is truly low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

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